Honest To Dog Made in USA Facilities, Limited Ingredient, Grain Free Dog Treats, Beef & Chicken - 5 oz. Pouch

Bring together the tastes your dog craves in one mouthwatering recipe with Honest to Dog Tasty Tenders Beef & Chicken Recipe dog treats. These natural, grain-free dog treats feature beef as the first of only a few simple ingredients, and the tender, meaty texture is sure to have him wagging his tail when snack time rolls around. The Honest To Dog line of dog treats is inspired by the one-of-a-kind relationship every owner has with their furry friend. Each variety is designed to help you make the most of those special, everyday moments that only you and your best friend share. That's why Purina makes the tastiest treats that never disappoint you or your dog. Made from simple, natural ingredients and inspired by your dogs’ favorite flavors, Honest to Dog Tasty Tenders let you show your dog how special he is to you while providing the meaty taste he loves. Make the most of every moment you spend with your dog when you offer him an Honest to Dog Tasty Tenders Beef & Chicken Recipe dog treat. Rich, mouthwatering flavor awaits him with every treat you serve, and the semi-moist texture offers a palate-pleasing finish to each bite. These dog treats are grain free, and the simple, natural ingredients make this limited-ingredient recipe one you can feel confident serving to your faithful companion. Toss him a treat at the end of his daily walk, or offer him one along with some loving cuddles to create special memories you can both treasure. These protein-rich dog treats are packaged in a resealable pouch, so you can bring along the delicious goodness wherever the leash takes you. For more delectable treat options, let your dog sample all of the Honest to Dog treat varieties, and let him choose between tender and crispy textures to tempt his taste buds. Honest to Dog treats help you connect with your dog in a unique way. The flavors, textures and aromas in each recipe combine to create a beg-worthy treating experience he loves, and the simple ingredients give you something to love too. Real meat is the first ingredient in all of the Honest to Dog treats, and every recipe is grain free to meet your ingredient preferences. As part of the Purina family, these dog treats are backed by more than 90 years of innovation. Honest to Dog treats are inspired by dogs and designed to help you keep the bond you share with your pet going strong. Always crafted with a focus on quality, these dog treats are produced in USA facilities to give you added reassurance. Carve out a few moments to make your dog as happy as he makes you with a serving of Honest to Dog Tasty Tenders Beef & Chicken Recipe dog treats. Natural dog treats Grain-free recipe Limited ingredients Real beef is the first ingredient Protein-rich treats with tender, meaty texture Delicious taste dogs love Backed by Purina's more than 90 years of quality and safety experience