Heinz Premium Horseradish Sauce 12.5 oz. Bottle

Heinz Premium Horseradish Sauce This zesty horseradish sauce is a must-have condiment with roast beef, steak, and the classic steak sandwich. Heinz Premium Horseradish Sauce is derived from Henry J. Heinzs own mothers recipe, refined over the years, and now is the perfect blend of horseradish flavor with a subtle, fiery kick. A Creamy, Zesty Sauce Perfect with Meat and More Heinz Horseradish Sauce and roast beef is a classic pairing yet horseradish also enhances the flavor of ham and chicken sandwiches, scrambled eggs, and is a key ingredient in many great dips for shrimp, fries or ripple chips. Keep it on hand and youll be thrilled at how it plays perfectly with so many foods.