Heinz Pitmaster Collection BBQ Sampler Pack

Heinz Pitmaster Collection BBQ Sampler Pack. Est. 1869. 100% Natural. Heinz Kansas City Style BBQ Sauce - Sweet & smoky. Heinz Kentucky Bourbon Style BBQ Sauce - Rich & savory. Heinz Carolina Mustard Style BBQ Sauce. Heinz Hawaii Style BBQ Sauce - Sweet & smoky. Net Wt 44.7 oz (2 lb 12.7 oz) 1.27 kg. The Heinz Barbecue Team has traveled the country and done our homework with some of the Nation's top Pitmasters - and we're proud to bring you a lineup of authentic regional sauces that capture the full tradition of American Barbecue. Kansas City Style: Rooted in generations of barbecue tradition, great Kansas City style barbecue sauce is a perfect balance of thick, sweet, and tangy. Heinz teamed up with Kansas City natives and award-winning pitmasters, Joe & Mike Pearce, to craft a Kansas City style sauce that is a mouthwatering blend of that sweet and smoky deliciousness that the region is known for. Kentucky Bourbon Style: Kentucky is home to great bluegrass, bourbon and barbecue. Heinz teamed up with fifth-generation Pitmaster John Foreman of Old Hickory BBQ in Owensboro, KY to create a rich & savory sauce that reflects the deep heritage of Kentucky BBQ. Real bourbon, a hint of smoke, and the spices and seasonings of the region's traditional "dip" come together here for a sauce that's sure to please. Carolina Mustard Style: South Carolina's 'mustard belt' is where tangy mustard-based BBQ sauce reigns supreme. That's why Heinz teamed up with South Carolina native Bryan Furman, owner of the award-winning B's Cracklin BBQ. From slow cooked pulled pork to ribs on the grill, this deep golden sauce delivers the right balance of sweetness and spice that will redefine swine. Hawaii Style: Hawaii is home to a rich food heritage that brings sweet tropical fruit and the smoked flavor of Kalua Pig together in one delicious luau feast. Heinz teamed up with Honolulu native and renowned chef, Mark "Gooch" Noguchi, to craft a sauce that delivers a mouthwatering balance of fruity pineapple and mango, savory Asian soy, and subtle smoke that is distinctly Hawai'ian. Questions or Comments Call: 1-800-255-5750. Visit us at: www.kraftheinzcompany.com.