Hartz Cat Toys, Cattraction with Silver Vine & Catnip 1 ea

Cat toys with a combination of natural attractants. For livelier play! Mice contain silver vine & catnip! Silver vine is a vine that grows in the high, mountainous regions of eastern Asia. It produces a natural and effective cat attractant, that stimulates livelier play in more cats when compared to catnip alone. Cats respond more intensely to silver vine vs. catnip. The combination of silver vine and catnip is most effective, with more than 90% of cats responding. - Dr. Sebastian Bol, Ph.D. Bring out the hunter in your cat with this pack of a dozen lightweight and perfectly sized mice. Containing natural yet potent silver vine and catnip attractants, this invigorating toy grabs and holds your cat's attention for livelier playtime and interaction. All new materials. Hartz.com. Facebook. Instagram. For more information & research results see hartz.com/cattraction. Made in China.