Happy Tot Organics Oat Bar, Soft-Baked, Fiber & Protein, Organic Apples & Spinach, Tots & Tykes

5 bars for toddlers. 4 g fiber. 2 g protein. 7 g whole grains. USDA organic. Gluten free. We are: real moms, pediatricians & nutritionists on a mission to bring happiness & health to our little ones. We create nutritious meals and snacks that make eating enlightened, effortless & delicious. Fiber is key in helping to keep your tot's digestion regular - especially when he or she enters the picky eating stage! Protein is a key building block of little growing bodies and is essential for muscle development! Whole grains include the entire grain seed, which provides the goodness that nature intended. Protein. Fiber. Whole grains. Perfect size for little fingers. Here's to a happy & healthy start! Your toddler may be ready for fiber & protein bars when she or he: stands with support; feeds self with fingers; bites through a variety of textures and food; has developed back teeth for chewing food. Meet the moms of Happy Family! Meet Shazi: Loving mom, creative and visionary thinker, founder and CEO. Meet Jessica: Loving mom, sustainability expert and operations whiz, founder partner and COO of Happy Family. Our Happy Promise: made from real organic fruits & veggies; no artificial flavors; made without the use of GMOs; packaging made without BPA. Certified B Corporation. Certified organic by CCOF. happyfamilybrands.com. Please recycle. This package is made from 100% recycled fibers made of at least 35% post consumer content. Printed with vegetable and soy inks.