Gold Coffee Coffee, Whole Bean, Colombia Huila, Medium Roast

Flavored coffees contain natural and artificial flavors. Single origin. Estate reserve. Our Commitment: The Gold Coffee partnership carefully selects coffee plantations which are passionately committed to the principals of preserving the fertile soils and crystalline waters for future generations through sustainable agricultural practices. From the plantation to your cup! A blend of 100% high mountain estate grown Arabica coffees. An Exotic Adventure Into Foreign Lands: Allow the earthly aromas to take you to the lush, tropical jungles of Costa Rica where the rugged mountains and forested valleys shade the well-manicured plantations. Then set sail on the worm Pacific trade winds to the volcanic slopes of Kona where the Hawaiian farmer cultivates coffee world renowed for its smooth body and vibrant taste. Twenty years later our journey comes to a pause after traversing seven seas and sampling thousands of coffee beans. Only a few hand selected coffee plantations will exceed our demands for superior quality. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. I guarantee it!