Glutenfreeda Gluten-Free Oats Maple Raisin With Flax - 8 CT

Glutenfreeda® Gluten-Free Oats Maple Raisin With Flax. 100% Whole grain. Low fat. Low Sodium. Good source of fiber & protein. America's #1 selling Gluten-Free instant oatmeal. Glutenfreeda® Certified Gluten-Free. Less than 5 PPM. 100% Dedicated facility. 100% Whole grain - 29g or More per serving. Eat 48g or More of whole grains daily. New Wt. 11.05 oz. (313 g). Live Glutenfreeda! Glutenfreeda's instant oatmeal includes only the purest ingredients including flax, a great source of omega 3 fatty acids, which have been shown to lower cholesterol levels and may help lower blood pressure. Start everyday with a healthy bowl of whole grain goodness from Glutenfreeda; for your health, for peace of mind, for life. Glutenfreeda foods is the gold standard for safe, delicious, authentic tasting gluten-free oatmeal. We've always been 100% gluten-free and have always produced our delicious, all natural oatmeal products in a 100% dedicated gluten-free facility. Free from that possibility of cross-contamination, we also adhere to the strictest testing practices in the industry, to less than 5PPM gluten. We celebrate anyone who chooses a gluten-free diet, but we've developed standards for people with Celiac disease who have the lowest tolerance to gluten. So whatever your reason for enjoying gluten-free, by choosing Glutenfreeda you're assured the purest and best tasting gluten-free oatmeal possible. Unlike many other brands, we're not new to gluten-free, gluten-free is in our DNA, literally. Safe, authentic, quality gluten-free oats are what we're all about and the reason we continue to earn our customer's trust and loyalty. We make gluten-free's what we do. 150 Calories. 0g Sat fat. 75mg Sodium. 9g Sugars. 5g Protein. 3g Fiber. Try our delicious tasting products: Granola. Flatbreads. Burritos. Pocket sandwiches. Pizza wraps. Tortillas. Non-GMO project verified. Made with 100% recycled materials. Consumer Relations: Glutenfreeda Foods, Inc. P.O. Box 487, Burlington, WA 98233 or contact us at: