GTs Kombucha, Organic Raw, Original

Classic. Living food for the living body. Reawaken. Rethink. Rekindle. Enzymes + probiotics + polyphenols. Rebirth. Repurpose. Reinvent. USDA organic. Gluten-free. Vegan. Non-GMO. This product is considered a beer and contains a natural effervescence. Mission in a Bottle: In 1995 I started making organic raw kombucha based on the belief that it could touch people's lives. For me, kombucha represented everything that food should be: raw, unadulterated, and crafted by nature. Today that belief is stronger than ever. That's why I am honored and humbled to be able to share this gift with you. - GT Dave, Founder. This is a Raw Food: Strands of the culture may appear. These are natural, normal & only occur in raw kombucha. Note to Our Beloved Fans: GT's Kombucha is raw and alive, hand-crafted by nature and made with the best intentions. We refuse to do anything that would compromise our product's integrity or effectiveness. That's why we have chosen to modify our labeling instead of changing the way we make our products. Kombucha is a cultured tea that is low in alcohol however federal law requires a warning statement on any product that may contain more than 0.5% of alcohol per volume. Redefine. Relive. Reclaim. Restart. Contact us: toll free (877) 735-8423. Certified organic by Organic Certifiers, Inc.