Green Giant Zucchini Veggie Spirals 12 oz

2 g of carbs per serving. Certified Gluten-free. 90% fewer calories than pasta (90% fewer calories than the leading brand of spaghetti) (Green giant veggie spirals Zucchini contains 17 calories and 3 g of carbs per cup. Leading brand of cooked spaghetti contains 200 calories and 42 g of carbs per cup). 100% zucchini. No sauce or seasoning. Behold the power of zucchini! Green Giant Veggie Spirals are an exciting take on noodles! Enjoy these spiral-shaped vegetables as a great alternative to pasta. Spiralized directly from fresh zucchini, with no sauce or seasoning added, Green Giant Veggie Spirals are ready for sauteing or steaming. Smartlabel: Scan for more food information. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Pinterest. Questions or Comments 1-800-754-3381. Visit us at