Flav R Pac Steam of the Crop Corn, Sweet, Gold & White

Fresh from our farmer-owned co-op to you. Just hours from field to freezer. Steams in the bag in just 7 minutes. Our Sustainable Story: Norpac Foods, Inc., a farmer owned cooperative located in Oregon Willamette Valley, is proud to bring you our vegetables. Norpac growers and production plants are committed to: Protecting and conserving water resources. Protecting and conserving soil resources. Integrated pest management which minimizes chemical use. Conserving and enhancing wildlife habitat. Conserving and recycling soil nutrients. Providing safe and fair working conditions for employees and family. Norpac: Since 1924. Quality products from our farmers' cooperative. Fruits & veggies more matter. Please visit our website www.norpac.com from more information about sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Visit Us at: www.norpac.com. Product of USA.