Sonoma Pizza, Wood-Fired, Rustic Crispy Crust, Trill Pepp

Chef-inspired craft pizza. Wood fired rustic crust. Organic tomato sauce. Smoked provolone. Uncured, natural and diced pepperoni. Drizzled with garlic tomato sauce. No artificial flavors or colors. No preservatives. Inspected for wholesomeness by US Department of Agriculture. Savor every bite. Inspired by the natural beauty of Sonoma county and Northern Californias culinary treasures, each of our ingredients is carefully chosen to create the freshest, richest flavors combined in just the right balance, so you can savor every bite. We start with our crispy-yet-tender crust, made simply from just six natural ingredients, and baked in an authentic woodfired oven. Next we add our signature full-bodied sauce, made from sun-ripened organic tomatoes, fresh from the vine. Savory uncured pepperoni, premium natural pepperoni, and diced pepperoni come together with delicious aged, naturally smoked Provolone, Romano cheese - and finished with oregano and roasted tomato-garlic drizzle - for a full-flavored take on this classic combination. Simple ingredients for a flavorful life. That's Sonoma Woodfired. Have something to share? Wed love to hear from you! Visit our website at: Please recycle. Made in the USA.