Silver Hills Bread, Mack's Flax

With delicious, high fibre, omega 3 flax seeds. Sprouted organic whole grains. Sprouted bakery. Source of omega 3. Health check. Heart & Stroke Foundation. (This product meets criteria developed by Health Check based on the recommendations in Canada's Food Guide. A fee is paid to help run this not-for-profit program. See back panel. Mack loves a leisurely pedal around the park or a rousing game of table tennis, and he knows that the healthy benefits of his flax seed creation will help to keep him rolling. Rich in omega 3 and offering a generous supply of fibre and protein, Mack's Flax bread is a nutritious and delicious choice for keeping both you and Mack on top of your game. Instead of grinding our grains into flour, our breads are made from sprouted 100% organic whole grains. This naturally retains all the life-giving nutrition and fibre of the entire living kernel. Our breads are vegan and kosher, and packaged in biodegradable bags. We do not use any oil, artificial preservatives, additives, stabilizers, eggs, dairy or genetically modified anything. After all, we make bread simple and delicious, so you can enjoy bread the way it was meant to be. Organic ingredients. Sprouted whole grains. High in fibre. Vegan & no dairy. Non GMO. No artificial preservatives. Find us at Silver Hills Bakery certified organic by QAI. Biodegradable bag. Whole Grain: 24 g or more per serving. Eat 48 g or more of whole grains daily. Made with 96% organic ingredients. This loaf contains no artificial preservatives. More info Healthy living never tasted so good. Product of Canada.