Screamin' Sicilian Pizza Co. Six Cheese Pizza 21.8 oz

Provolone, parmesan, romano & asiago cheeses. Contains bioengineered food ingredients. 'Za Brewski made with Leinenkugel's beer. Made with beer. Leinenkugel's original beer flavored crust with other flavors. Secret recipe tomato sauce. Whole milk mozzarella cheeses. Cook as directed. 100% real cheese. Brewski bites. Leinenkugel's original beer + craft pizza, well that's a no brainer! We teamed up to bring you This amazing pizza straight from Wisconsin, Milwaukee, to be exact. And we know a thing or two about beer and pizza! The legend of the merry cheese-men. So you want to know all you can about cheese? Then let us introduce you to one of popular culture's most enduring folk hero's: the merry cheese-men. They can be found roaming the forests looking for cheese to steal, these guys aren't your typical outlaws when it comes to stalking about for the best cheese to put on pizza. They only get the quality stuff, we're talking whole milk mozzarella, diced cheddar cheese, provolone, parmesan, romano and asiago, for the over-the-top amounts of gooey cheese on top of a Leinenkugel's original beer crust. So join the merry cheese-men and become one very happy camper. Celebrate responsibly. Question / comments? Scream at us: 1-855-Y Scream (855-972-9326) or, check us out at It's easy being red, white and green.