Popsicle 6 Pack Marvel Spider-Man Strawberry/Blue Raspberry/Lime Frozen Confection Bars 6 ea

Strawberry, blue raspberry, lime natural flavor with other natural flavor. Per 1 Bar: 70 calories; 0 g sat fat (0%DV); 10 mg sodium (0%DV); 9 g total sugars. Contains a bioengineered food ingredient. The original brand. Colors & flavors from natural sources. The amazing spidey crossword. How well do you know Spider-Man? Inner units not labeled for retail sale. Questions: (1) Across - what is Spider-Man’s aunt’s name? (1) Down - The other spider-man is named _morales. (2) Across what does spider-man use to swing? (3) Down - spider-man was bitten by a _and became a super hero! (4) Across - what is the first name of Spider-Man’s alter ego? (5) Down - Spider-man’s greatest power is spidey. (6) Across - who taught spider-man, with great power comes great responsibility? (7) Down - where does spider-man live? (8) Across – what is the alter ego of Spider-Man’s super friend, ghost-spider? (9) Across - Spider-Man is a super! (10) Across - who is Spider-Man’s arch rival? (11) Across - what is the last name of Spider-Man’s alter ego? Answers on the bottom of the pack. Crossword Puzzle Answers: (1) Across- May. (1) Down - Miles. (2) Across - Webs. (3) Down - Spider. (4) Across - Peter. (5) Down - Sense. (6) Across - Uncle Ben. (7) Down - New York. (8) Across-Gwen. (9) Across - Hero. (10) Across - Venom. (11) Across - Parker. www.popsicle.com/playzone. learnaboutmyfood.com. popsicle.com. how2recycle.info. For more fun and exciting activities, visit www.popsicle.com/playzone. Visit learnaboutmyfood.com. Questions or Comments? Call: 1-800-931-2849 or visit us online at popsicle.com.