Screamin' Sicilian Pizza Co. Mother of Meat Pizza 23.4 oz

Italian Sausage. Premium Pepperoni. Julienne Ham. Bacon Pieces. Mozzarella Cheese. Secret Recipe Tomato Sauce. Stone-fired Medium Crust. Contains bioengineered food ingredients. Real. Bringing the whole hog to the party with a 4 meat square dance of Italian sausage, pepperoni, ham, and bacon. Yeah, that's what I said. So give a shout out. To your mom with ridiculous amounts of shredded mozzarella a top an individually rolled, stone-fired medium crust and our secret recipe tomato sauce. That's what I said! Four meat square dance! Pardon our expression but an overabundant, individually rolled, stone-fired medium-crust pizza with mouthwatering toppings can only be explained that way. Especially when you're bringing the whole hog to the party: spicy Italian sausage, premium pepperoni, julienne sliced ham, and bacon heaved on top Real mozzarella for a four meat square dance that'll make you open up that pie hole and give a shout out to your Mother! It's easy being red, white & green. Made with 100% real cheese. Italian sausage, pepperoni, ham & bacon. U.S. Inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. Est. 1487. Facebook. YouTube. Questions / comments?Scream at us: 1-855-Y SCREAM (855-972-7326) or, check us out at It's easy being red, white & green.