Screamin Sicilian Loaded Pan Pizza, Thin Crust, Supremus Maximus

Pepperoni & Italian sausage. Tomato sauce. Onions. Green. Yellow & red peppers. Mozzarella cheese. Made with 100% real cheese. Loaded pan included. Loaded Pan: Pepperoni bottomings on pan. Pepperoni bakes into the bottom. Pan included. More flavor baked into the crust! Oven-safe pan included. Due to the unique nature of toppings and bottomings on the pan, pieces may have shifted, shit happens! Redistribute the toppings, pick up the pizza from the tray and spread the bottomings around the pan. Place your creation back in the oven-safe pan and place in the oven, on the rack. Get ready for a thick crust experiences. Flip me over check me out. Time to bombard your taste buds. A pizza so heaping with toppings it's only right to create an invasion on the bottom. The whole bottom, we're talking a thick pan style. Crust full of mouth popping flavor to match the heaping amounts of toppings on each tasty bite. The bottomings, if we have encrusted dough of goodness, It's celebrity back side smack down. US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. Questions/comments? Scream at us: 1-855-YSCREAM (855-972-7326) or check us out at It's easy being red, white & green.