Mrs. Paul's Parchment Bake Tilapia Fillets Roasted Garlic - 2 CT

Mrs. Paul's Parchment Bake Roasted Garlic Tilapia Fillets. 100% whole fillets. New. 80 calories. 0.5g fat. Per serving, see back panel for nutrition information. Bakes moist and flaky in parchment bag. 2 flame grilled fillets. Easy prep-no mess. Parchment bag. Enjoy perfectly moist and flaky fish every time with no prep and no clean-up! The secret to Mrs. Paul's delicious grilled fillets is the unique parchment paper bag. It delicately bakes the fish in a delicious sauce, locking in moisture and flavors. Cooking "en papillote" or in parchment paper, is a classic technique used in restaurants and by professional chefs. No MSG, no artificial flavors or preservatives... cooked perfectly every time. Try the whole line of Mrs. Paul's Parchment Bake tilapia: Roasted garlic. Garlic butter. Lemon pepper. Classic grilled. Mrs. Paul's supports sustainable fishing practices by using Tilapia that is certified as sustainable by The Global Aquaculture Alliance. GAA is an international, non-profit trade association dedicated to advancing environmentally and socially responsible aquaculture. For more information, go to 100% recyclable. Recycling programs for this package may not exist in your area. Best aquaculture practices. Certified. The responsible seafood choice. Each Mrs. Paul's product guarantees fresh taste every time. Questions or comments 1-800-798-3318