MorningStar Frams Three-Bean Chili with Griller's Crumbles

MorningStar Farms. Three-Bean Chili with Griller's Crumbles. Three-bean chili with diced onions and bell peppers, Grillers Recipe Crumbles, and seasoned with cumin and chili powder. One veggie entree. New! 64% less fat *than the leading chili. 170 calories per serving. 13g protein per serving. Craving comfort Make hearty chili your choice! *MorningStar Farms chili contains 64% less fat than the leading chili (with beans). The leading chili (with beans) contains 7g total fat per serving (1 cup). MorningStar Farms chili contains 2.5g total fat per serving (1 cup). 100% vegetarian. Exchange: 2 carbohydrates, 1/2 fat, 2 proteins: The dietary exchanges are based on the choose your foods: Exchange lists for diabetes, 2008 by American Dietetic Association and American Diabetes Association. Visit for information on products and recipes. Phone us at 1-800-962-0120. Write to P.O. Box CAMB, Battle Creek, MI 49016-1986. Provide production code on package.