MorningStar Farms Veggie and Rice Cakes, Ginger Teriyaki

Carrots, edamame, water chestnuts, bok choy, & sticky rice baked with ginger and teriyaki. We see veggies differently - and we know you do, too! With a little help from your favorite Morningstar Farms products, you can create a world of delicious, imaginative veggie dishes - many with complete veggie protein. Enjoy! From the first delicious bite, you'll crave the unique flavors of Morningstar Farms Veggie Cakes. Serve them with soup or salad as part of a light, flavorful meal. They're lightly browned on the outside, tender on the inside, with chunks of vegetables combined with rice and tasty seasonings. Why not have some right now! 100% vegetarian. Exchange: 1 carbohydrate. The dietary exchanges are based on the Exchange Lists for Meal Planning, copyright 2003 by The American Diabetes Association, Inc. and The American Dietetic Association.