Morningstar Farms Veggie Bacon Strips, Original 5.25 oz

MorningStar Farms meatless bacon strips are vegetarian, plant-based, and feature a delicious taste in every bite. Easy to prepare for a part of a tasty breakfast, each bacon strip is made with high quality ingredients. At just 60 calories per serving, pair these savory veggie bacon strips with your favorite cup of coffee or tea. And with 34% less fat than cooked pork bacon*, MorningStar Farms veggie bacon strips are an excellent choice for a balanced breakfast and are ready to eat in just 2 minutes; This convenient, hearty breakfast side will delight everyone in your family. Whip up a breakfast scramble, a short stack of pancakes, or savory sandwich or wrap. Try them in a breakfast sandwich or crumble bacon to create an omelet for a quick breakfast. MorningStar Farms veggie bacon strips are sure to delight vegetarians and meat-lovers alike. *Cooked pork bacon contains 7g total fat per serving (16g); MorningStar Farms veggie bacon strips contain 4.5g total fat per serving (16g).