Morning Star Farms Sausage Patties, Original 6 ea

A delicious meat alternative to any balanced breakfast, MorningStar Farms Original sausage patties are plant-based and seasoned with an inviting blend of aromatic herbs and spices. This convenient, hearty breakfast side will delight everyone in your family. With 79% less fat than cooked pork sausage*, MorningStar Farms Original sausage patties provide a good source of protein (9g per serving, 10% daily value); Whether you’re whipping up a breakfast scramble, a short stack of pancakes, or biscuits with veggie gravy, these savory patties are sure to please vegetarians and meat-lovers alike. Try them in a breakfast sandwich or crumble breakfast sausage to create an omelet for a quick breakfast. MorningStar Farms makes it easy to get your plant-based protein any time of the day, it’s good for you and good for the planet. *Cooked pork sausage contains 16g total fat per serving (38g). MorningStar Farms Veggie Original breakfast sausage patties contain 3g total fat per serving (38g).