Stouffers Macaroni & Cheese, Party Size

Freshly made pasta in a 100% cheddar cheese sauce. No preservatives. 100% real cheddar cheese. About 10 servings. Per Serving: 330 calories; 7 g sat fat (34% DV); 920 mg sodium (38% DV); 3 g sugars; 14 g protein (22% DV); calcium (30% DV). See nutrition information for fat, sat fat & sodium content. Your RSVP for this party should only have one choice: Yes. Stouffer's Party Size is the perfect dish for any occasion. All of our Party Size recipes are sure to be crowd pleasers and are easy to cook and clean up - all you have to do is have fun! Make your own mac & cheese bar! Set out an array of fun and delicious toppings and let your guests create their own unique blend. You can't go wrong when you're starting with 100% real cheddar cheese and freshly made pasta. Nutritional compass. Good food, good life: Question for our cooks: What's the secret ingredient in Stouffer's Mac & Cheese? Straight Talk from the kitchen: Secrets? No secrets here my friend. We use 100% real cheddar and fresh pasta we make every day. How much of each do we put in? Hmmm - maybe that's a secret. But does it really matter when it tastes this delicious? More Food for thought: Want to add your own twist? Our Mac & Cheese is delicious with toppings like chicken, bacon, broccoli, fresh diced tomatoes, hot sauce, tortilla strips, bread crumbs - we could go on and on, but you get the idea. Talk food with us: Still want more? Call us, we'd love to chat. 1-800-225-1180. Facebook. Twitter. See what's cooking online. This carton meets the standards of Sustainable Forestry Initiative. Certified Fiber Sourcing - Please recycle this carton. Visit us at