Lunchables Grilled Cheesies, Pepperoni Pizza, Crispy 2 ea

Enjoy a quick and easy crispy grilled cheese sandwich any time the craving hits. Lunchables Crispy Grilled Cheesies microwave in just 60 seconds and are easy enough for kids to make on their own. Our 360 crisping technology replicates a homemade grilled cheese straight from the microwave with the same cheesy goodness. Our convenient frozen grilled cheese sandwiches are perfect when you want a comforting snack that requires minimal cooking prep or planning. Crispy Grilled Cheesies are available in two flavors, Original and Pepperoni. To prepare, remove the plastic wrapper but keep the lid on, microwave the box on a paper towel for 60 seconds on HIGH, cool down for 60 seconds and enjoy. Keep our grilled cheese sandwiches frozen until you're ready to prepare.