Blue Bunny Frozen Dairy Dessert, Strawberry Shortcake 4 ea

Share the ice cream parlor experience from your freezer with Blue Bunny Load'd Cones Strawberry Shortcake. Every cone is loaded to the last bite with 2x the mix-ins*. Strawberry flavored frozen dairy dessert is mixed with real strawberries, baked shortcake pieces and strawberry and whipped cream flavored swirls, then topped with more shortcake pieces, candy coated bunnies and whipped topping, all inside a crunchy sugar cone. You get all the fun of a visit to the ice cream parlor, from the first bite to the very tip of the cone. Grab the frozen dessert to relax after work or offer kids a sweet treat from the freezer instead of a trip for soft serve ice cream cones. The individually wrapped frozen treats are easy to enjoy wherever you go, from your sofa to a walk in the park. Blue Bunny--We Make Fun. *Compared to Blue Bunny Caramel Lovers Cone, excluding toppings.