Mammoth Creameries Frozen Custard, Lemon Buttercream

Per 1/2 Cup Serving: 1 g net carb; 1 g of sugar. Net Carbs = 6 g total carbs - 0 g of fiber - 5 g sugar alcohol. Gluten free. Low carb. Keto. High fat. Big on taste. Mammoth's mission to create a ketogenic frozen custard began when our co-founder, Tim, learned he had type 1 diabetes. This twist of fate fueled us to make a delicious real food frozen custard with simple ingredients that everyone can enjoy. Low in sugar, high in fat, and loaded with flavor, this frozen custard changed our lives. We know it will change yours too. Gum free. Grass-fed butter. Facebook. Instagram. (at)mammothcreameries. Get the scoop: