Yasso Greek Chocolate Fudge Yogurt Bars 4 Bars 3.5 oz Packed, Unspecified 4 ea

All you need is fudge. True love is hard to come by, so let's appreciate Yasso's chocolate fudge bars while they last. We blended decadent cocoa powder with creamy frozen Greek yogurt for 6g of protein and 80 calories each. Dessert lovers, I think we finally found the one So dig in and let the chocolate fudge fly. You're in a safe place hero. Enjoy! Amanda & Drew. Founders. Live and active cultures. Yasso Game On! Foundation: We believe in the power of movement to create stronger bodies and minds. Yasso's Game On! Foundation provides resources and opportunities to get communities moving in pursuit of health and happiness. Learn more about how you are helping us make a difference at yasso.com/game-on.