Halo Top Pops, Frozen Yogurt, Triple Berry With Real Fruit & Granola 4 ea

Halo Top Triple Berry Frozen Yogurt Pops with real fruit and granola put delicious, fruit-filled frozen yogurt on a convenient stick—perfect for any time of day. A great alternative to an ice cream bar, these frozen dessert pops are made with rich, creamy Icelandic-style Skyr yogurt, real fruit and crunchy granola. With 110 calories per pop, these kosher frozen yogurt snacks are a perfect treat that won't throw your nutrition goals off track. Plus, each frozen yogurt pop has 4 grams of protein. Halo Top Frozen Yogurt Pops are a convenient frozen treat that you can enjoy with breakfast, as a mid-afternoon snack or an evening dessert without derailing you on your path to wellness. These frozen yogurt pops are also an easy way to cool off after chores, exercise or to relax on self-care evenings. Halo Top Frozen Yogurt Pops come in a box of four that can be resealed for easy storage in your freezer until you’re ready to enjoy a flavorful sweet treat with real fruit and granola.