Dole® Mixed Fruit 16 oz. Bag

Peaches, strawberries, pineapples, honeydew, and red seedless grapes. Field fresh flavor. Picked ripe. Fresh frozen. Superfood for your heart. Just as nutritious as fresh fruit. At Dole, we know that fruit should be allowed to ripen in the field where it reaches its maximum flavor. It's exactly at that point that we freeze it to lock in all natural goodness. Eating a colorful variety of fruits gives your body the vitamins and minerals it need to stay healthy and fit. Dole Fresh Frozen Fruit makes it easy for you to get the nutrients you need. Inside this package, you'll find all natural fruit with no artificial flavors or sugar added. Dole Mixed Fruit is an excellent source of vitamin C and contains antioxidant phytonutrients. Dole Mixed Fruit, which is part of the Red, Green, Yellow/Orange fruit groups, also help: Slow changes that occur with normal aging; Maintain a healthy immune system. Packed in U.S.A.