Chung's Shrimp Egg Rolls - 4 CT

Chung's® Shrimp Egg Rolls. 0g trans fat per serving. No added MSG*. *Except for the small amount naturally occurring in soy protein, corn protein and yeast extract. Gourmet quality. Celebrating 25 years of quality. Chung's famous sweet & sour sauce packets included. 4 egg rolls. Authentic Asian made easy! Our roots are in authentic Asian cuisine, but our goal at Chung's gourmet foods is to bring you contemporary products which are mouthwatering and perfect for today. Our unwavering commitment to quality means that we only use the very finest high quality shrimp and vegetables. We combine these with our unique spice blend to create egg rolls as you've never tasted them before. They're delicious as food-on-the-go, as a snack or a side dish, and perfect at parties or as part of a meal. Chung's egg rolls are so light and crisp that they allow the natural flavors to emerge and delight your senses. Enjoy! Proudly made in the USA. 1-800-824-8647. For preparation details please read side of box.