Jennie-O Turkey Breakfast Sausage Links

Jennie-O™ Turkey Breakfast Sausage Links. BHA, BHT, citric acid added for flavor protection. 90% lean. 10% Fat. Inspected for wholesomeness by U.S. Department of Agriculture P-190. Lean. 65% less fat than USDA data for regular pork sausage. 65 calories. 310mg sodium. 8g protein. Per serving. Our product contains 4g of fat per serving compared to 13g for regular pork sausage. Made with calcium alginate casing. No gluten. Make the Switch®: We're on a mission to show the world how easy and delicious it is to eat well. To find out more, visit For questions or comments please call 1-800-621-3505. For great turkey recipes visit ©Jennie-O Turkey Store, LLC.