Bomb Pop Pops, Grape, Strawberry & Orange, Crush 12 ea

Introducing Bomb Pop Crush®: The irresistible experience of Crush® soda, now frozen and on a stick! Each ice pop includes delicious flavors of juicy grape, refreshing strawberry, and tangy orange. No soft drink satisfies quite like Crush®, and no ice pop delivers a mashup of taste and texture like Bomb Pop. Talk about the ultimate collab! With 12 pops in each box, you can share with friends or, with just 40 Calories in each Pop, keep them all for yourself. We don't judge. Apple pie and ice cream. Red, white, and blue. The best things are not one thing. Iconic and delicious, with multiple flavors in every pop, Bomb Pop is not one thing. Pick up your favorite flavor combination today!