Bertolli Pasta & Sauce Manicotti, Spinach & Ricotta Cheese, in a Tomato Sauce

Skillet prepared in 10 minutes. It is Sunday, and this particular day is a celebration day in town. His anticipation high, the Italian artisan finishes rolling his last manicotti. He has been working on them all morning and the fresh ricotta cheese he got from his friend the cheesemaker was just the perfect texture for the filling. Looking down on his creation, he wells up with pride as he thinks of everyone enjoying the fruits of his labor. This same feeling of pride inspired Bertolli to create a perfect union of delicious manicotti and its intended sauce. This festive dish is typical of the Emilia-Romagna region of Northern Italy. Finely chopped green-leaf spinach and creamy ricotta cheese is rolled into delicate manicotti so thin you can see the spinach inside. A sauce made of succulent tomatoes with a pinch of garlic and onions completes the dish. Ten minutes in the skillet unlocks a taste and aroma as delicious as you would find straight from an Italian artisan's workshop so you can be seduced by your love of pasta like never before. Imported from Italy.