Bell & Evans Chicken Breast Nuggets, Breaded

Uncooked. The excellent nugget. Air chilled. Chicken raised without antibiotics. Whole breast meat pieces! Flavor and moisture assured with up to 6% marinade. Inspected for wholesomeness by US Department of Agriculture. Join the Bell & Evans chicken revolution! At Bell & Evans, we raise our - chickens without antibiotics, on a strict vegetarian diet of grains, vitamins and minerals- no animal by-products. At our revolutionary processing facility, our chickens are individually air chilled so the natural flavor and juices are not diluted, giving you a better tasting bird. You enjoy our premium frozen convenience food, but - How can you be sure the freshly prepared chicken you're buying from your grocer really is Bell & Evans? Look for our wing tag or our fresh chicken, rotisserie or made with Bell & Evans labels on all fresh chicken you buy. If you don't see it - ask for it by name! In the meat department - at the deli counter - on the rotisserie. The chickens are coming! No antibiotics to raise our chickens. No animal by-products to feed our chickens. No preservatives. No artificial flavorings. No fillers or extenders. No kidding! Made with all natural (Minimally processed. No artificial ingredients.) ingredients. Ready to cook. Product of USA.