Apple Villa Pancakes, Apple

All natural. Famous pancakes. Great for breakfast or dessert. Fresh is all we know. Apple Villa Famous Pancakes brings their famous easy bake pancake into your home. Taste the deliciousness of this gourmet baked pancake any time you want a homemade treat. Apple Villa Famous Pancakes prides itself in using all natural wholesome goodness like real Granny Smith apples, eggs, flour, cream and cinnamon. With all these natural ingredients and our handmade pancake, you immediately know what makes this so famous. From the moment you bake our delicious Apple Villa Famous Pancakes you immediately are surrounded by the scent of pure cinnamon. Try our famous baked pancakes with a scoop of your favorite ice cream for a delectable treat or pair it with some bacon for a delicious breakfast. Maybe you can figure it out for us - Is this breakfast or dessert? Try all our gourmet pancakes. Please recycle.