Farm To Table Oatmeal, Pure Oat

A blend of extra thick, medium and fine cut pure organic rolled oats. Simple, yet nuanced. Incredibly healthy. Deliciously creamy. With great depth of character. Whole grain & oatmeal. USDA certified organic. Non-GMO project verified. Artisanal organic oatmeal craft blended. Jennifer Dorsey and the Oddball Art of Grain Mixology, Jennifer Dorsey has one of the strangest job titles around-Chief Grain Mixologist at Farm to Table Foods. It's an important sounding title befitting a very important position. Jennifer's job is to take the wholesome, simple ingredients we begin with and do something with them that is quite complex. She decides which grain, and equally as importantly, which size grain will be craft blended together to create the right balance of creaminess and texture in our organic oatmeal blends. Her prodigious talents are responsible for the perfect texture and flavor profile you'll find in our oatmeal. Still not convinced Grain Mixology is an art? Try a bowl and get back to us. Low in saturated fat and cholesterol. A good source of iron and protein. Sodium free.