Ezy Dose Diabetic Journal, Daily

Manage your diabetes! Maintain blood glucose levels. Accurately record daily insulin doses. Pocket-sized. Record daily insulin doses. Record 14 weeks of test results. Now you can manage your diabetes more effectively. This convenient daily journal helps you better control your blood glucose, so you can feel better and stay healthier. The Ezy-Dose Daily Diabetic Journal makes it easy. Simply fill the data and time of each blood glucose test result and insulin taken in the spaces provided. By keeping an accurate record, you can effectively monitor your blood glucose levels and ensure accurate insulin doses. You establish a pattern of daily results. when visiting your physician, simply review and discuss the information. Together, you can more effectively make the necessary changes in diet, medication, activities or testing. Ultimately, you'll better understand and control your diabetes. Pocket-sized and portable, the Ezy-Dose Diabetic Journal travel with you anywhere. Contents: One Ezy Dose Daily Diabetic Journal. Made in USA.