Ezy Care Medi-Scope

The Medi-Scope was designed for home use to easily inspect eyes, ears, nose, and throat to provide better information to our doctor on family illnesses and progress after treatment. The Medi-Scope is designed to deliver extra bright, pre-focused high intensity light, which when used with the magnifying head pieces and attachments, can expose problems in the mouth, eyes, ears nose or throat. Reporting this information to your doctor can result in prompt medical treatment. The Medi-Scope is not intended to replace the work and expertise of your doctor but rather to work with your doctor to better and quicker response to signs of problems. This kit contain 7 pieces: (A) penlight, (B) magnifying head piece, (C) oral mirror, (D) infant tongue depressor, (e) adult tongue depressor, (F) ear speculum, and (G) nose speculum. Complete instructions are included on the reverse side of this insert. It is recommended that you use the Medi-Scope to inspect the eyes, ears, nose, and throat of family members while they are healthy, to familiarize yourself with the visual properties of healthy tissue. This will allow you to identify changes that may occur at a later date allowing you to communicate these changes to your doctor. The magnifying head piece and individual attachments, except the penlight, should be washed before and after each use with warm, soapy water and then wiped off with rubbing alcohol. Allow to air dry. Do not immerse the pieces in boiling water or place in dishwasher. Do not allow moisture or water to get inside penlight. Care should be taken avoid scratching the lens of the magnifying head pieces. Battery replace: The Medi-Scope uses 2 AAA replaceable batteries. When the light in the penlight becomes dim, replace with 2AAA batteries properly, and insert new batteries. Contents: One Medi-Scope including ear speculum, nose speculum, oral mirror, infant tongue depressor, and adult tongue depressor. Batteries not included.