Evolve Cap, Satin, Black, Pineapple, Essentials

Size: 8.625 inch x 6.75 inch. 21.90 cm x 17.14 cm. New. High quality satin cap prevents frizz and breakage. Maintains natural styles for longer lasting curls. Edge control for secure fit and edge protection. Includes high ponytail slit. Stunning. Healthy. Hair. Discover your beauty with a healthy hair regimen. Evolve's Pineapple Satin Cap helps prevent breakage and frizz and secures natural styles. It features a fitted edge control band to keep edges smooth. For undisrupted curls, put hair in The Pineapple, pull your curls through the slit, secure the satin cap on your head. firstlinebrands.com. For Styling Tips: Follow Firstline Brands on Facebook/www.firstlinebrands.com. Facebook. Instagram. Pinterest. Designed in USA. Made in Vietnam - H.