Ethnic Cottage Tomato Sauce, Jersey, Vodka

Gluten free. No added sugar. Made with Jersey Fresh. As fresh as fresh gets tomatoes. All natural. Jersey Tomato Sauce: Ethnic Cottage brings cooking sauces with authentic flavors from around the world using finest and freshest ingredients. At Ethnic Cottage we believe in supporting our local Merchants and Farmers. With some of the Finest Tomatoes around the world growing right in our own back yard we knew that it was time to create a range of Tomato Sauces in various flavors using these Jersey Fresh tomatoes for you to enjoy with your family and friends. Vodka Sauce: Decadent and full of flavor, this Vodka Sauce is a rich blend of Jersey Fresh tomatoes, fresh cream, vodka, and Romano cheese. Top the cooked penne pasta with smoked salmon and this sauce. Finish with shavings of parmesan cheese for an easy and elegant weeknight meal. Web: Contact us with any questions or comments.