Elliots Pecans, Sweet Georgia

Gluten free food. Non GMO. Natural. Healthy. Amazing. Buttery. Antioxidant-rich. Rich in oleic & ellagic acids. Loaded with antioxidants. Excellent source vitamin-E. Stacked with flavor. Great source of energy. The Elliot pecans in this bag are known by foodies and chefs alike for their signature sweet flavor, high oil content and natural buttery crunch. This plump, round nut is a pecan unlike any other youve ever tasted. Only a handful of growers have them planted, so their limited supply makes them a treat worth savoring. The Elliot pecan is named after Henry Elliot, the gentlemen who discovered this specific variety growing on his farm in the Florida panhandle in the 1910s. The Elliot is known as one of the most disease-resistant pecan trees that grows in the Southeastern United States. Youll immediately notice that the size and shape of the Elliot pecan lends itself perfectly for cooking and baking as it requires no chopping. Simply add Elliot halves to your salads, cookies or pies and enjoy their amazing flavor. A family favorite. TheElliotPecan.com. USA grown. Grown and packed in Peach County, GA.