Easter Unlimited Dunk An Egg Coloring Kit

Easter Unlimited™ Dunk An Egg™ Coloring kit. R.J. Rabbit presents. No mess, no fuss, no cleanup! 24 make-a-face stickers! 5 collapsible coloring cups included! Fun. Easy. Contains: 5 egg coloring cups. 5 coloring tablets. 24 make-a-face stickers. 12 egg stands. 1 egg dipper. R.J. Rabbit is a registered trademark of Easter Unlimited, Inc. All rights reserved. Contains: 5 egg coloring cups, 5 coloring tablets, egg dipper, 24 make-a-face stickers, 12 egg stands, built-in drying tray. Create dozens of delightful eggs with convenient coloring cups that make decorating easy & fun and clean-up as easy as 1-2-3! See how silly you can get! Mix & match eyes & mouth stickers to make hilariously funny faces! Make-A-Face. Mix & match stickers. Conforms to ASTM D 4236. Egg coloring tablets made in the USA. Coloring cups, stickers, egg stands and dipper made in China. ©Easter Unlimited, Inc.