Durham Ranch Jerky, Wagyu Beef

Handcrafted smoked wagyu beef with pepper. No added gluten. Vegetarian diet. An exceptional protein snack. Raised withouth antibiotics. No added nitrites. Except those occurring naturally. Intense, savory and with a tenderness that's hard to believe, our jerky is an absolute experience. Taste closely and you'll notice an intense and rich flavor that sets this meat apart. With all this flavor, it is our job to stay out of its way, using only whole muscle cuts and a diligent brine and smoke process, that is simple to some yet paramount to us. We raise or source animals that have been handled with care and use the fewest ingredients possible in all of our recipes. The result is a superior snacking experience that we are proud to bring to you. US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. www.durhamranch.com.