Duncan Hines Cake Mix, Classic Yellow 10.6 Oz

0 g added sugar. 4 g net carbs (4 g net carbs = 21 g total carbs - 5 g dietary fiber- 8 g sugar alcohol - 4 g allulose). Gluten free. Not a low calorie food. See nutrition for calorie and sugar content. Perfectly moist. Sweet moments can be keto friendly. Now you can enjoy perfectly moist cake while keeping sugar and carbs in check. Made with almond and coconut flour, this cake is gluten free with zero sugar added. Made with almond flour & coconut flour. how2recycle.info. www.duncanhines.com. SmartLabel scan or call 1-800-362-9834 for more food information. Questions or comments, visit us at www.duncanhines.com or call 1-800-362-9834. For more delicious inspiration, go to: duncanhines.com.