Dr Scholls DynaStep Sport Inserts, Women's, Sizes 6-10

Immediate pain relief for many common sports injuries in the arch, heel, knee, leg and back due to overpronation. Prevents overpronation - a leading cause of runner's knee and shin splints. What makes DynaStep Sport Inserts Right For You? 1. Immediate Pain Relief: Dr. Scholl's DynaStep Sport Inserts are performance proven to provide immediate pain relief from many common sports injuries in your lower body due to overpronation. Almost everyone has experienced some form of pain from playing sports. If you experience one or more lower body pains, they may stem from the same source - inadequate foot support. Without proper support your foot can roll inward and flatten more than it should (overpronation). This puts added strain on the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones in your lower body and is a leading cause of many common sports injuries. Knee Pain - e.g. Runner's knee; Heel Pain - e.g. Plantar fasciitis; Shin Pain - e.g. Shin splints; Foot, Arch Pain - e.g. Strain and fatigue; Leg Pain - e.g. Achilles tendonitis. DynaStep Sport Inserts have a contoured U-shaped design that gently cradles each foot to provide the support you need for immediate and effective pain relief. 2. Prevents a Leading Cause of Lower Body Sports Injuries: DynaStep Sport Inserts are clinically proven to prevent overpronation - a leading cause of many lower body sports injuries, such as runner's knee and shin splints. Wearing DynaStep Sport Inserts helps reduce your risk of suffering from these injuries. 3. Performance Proven With Athletes: DynaStep Sport Inserts are performance proven to relieve pain among a variety of athletes playing a range of sporting activities - field, running and walking sports. Athletes wearing DynaStep Sport Inserts experienced immediate pain relief from overpronation injuries. In fact, 9 out of 10 athletes wearing DynaStep Sport Inserts reported they were able to perform at pre-injury levels or better after only one week. 4. Advanced Hi-Tech System for Sports Performance: DynaStep Sport Inserts use the same patented technology found in custom orthotics. In addition, DynaStep Sport Inserts are designed with a premium topcloth for performance in sports footwear: Advanced system wicks away moisture to keep feet dry; Antimicrobial treatment prevents growth of odor causing bacteria on the topcloth. DynaStep Sport Inserts work in four important ways to provide relief from pain and fatigue: Cup your heel for improved stability and balance; Provide superior shock absorption and protection; Support your arch to stop inward rolling; Cradle your foot to guide movement. Wear DynaStep Sport Inserts for optimum performance. Advanced pain relief for the arch, heel, knee, leg and back. Accepted by American Podiatric Medical Association.