Do It Yourself Party Balloon Kit

Inflate, decorate & celebrate with Air-filled balloons! Pick your favorites! Any balloon can be air-filled. Air-filled balloons. Require no helium. Require no weights. Do not float. Hang suspended on ribbon. Last for weeks. Air is free! Kit includes ribbon & hang tabs for ten foil balloons. Balloons sold separately. Home. School. Office. No helium required. Perfect for celebrations at home, school, office, indoors and outdoors! Adding hang tabs & curling ribbon. Latex Balloons. No hang tab is required for a latex balloon. Air-filled latex balloons hang neck up suspended on ribbons. Foil Balloons: 1. Inflate the foil balloon with air. 2. Peel and stick the hang tab firmly the top of the foil balloon. 3. Fold the tab upright and the ribbon through the hole. 4. Use scissors curl the ribbon.