Ditkas Mild Italian Cooked Sausage

5 servings. Hall of fame recipe. BHA, BHT and citric acid added to help protect flavor. Heat & eat. US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. Fully cooked. Heat & serve. Microwaveable. The Coach Says: Put together your sandwich just like they do in Chicago's famous Beef Stands. Add cooked green pepper and or Giardiniera peppers. Serve on a hoagie or french bread. Great with spaghetti, pizza and lasagna. Ditka's Chicago Style Italian Sausage is outrageously good. I'm personally involved in the selection of all the food products that carry my name and I have spent a lot of time on this one. I wanted a truly authentic-tasting Chicago Style Italian Sausage. I called the team together and we came up with a recipe that has the perfect blend of Italian Seasonings, which has a big, bold taste. This product is convenient and quick; microwave in minutes! Ditka's Chicago Style Italian Sausage now lets you and your family enjoy the same great Italian Sausage quality that you find in Chicago's famous Beef Stands, right in your very own home. Da Coach's Hall of Fame recipe is truly unique in taste, texture and flavor. It's a winner!