Dawn Dawn Lemon Dish Spray, 16 Fl Oz 16 fl oz

Dawn Powerwash Dish Spray removes 99% of grease and grime in half the time*. Powerwash has 3 cleaning boosters not found in traditional dish soaps that remove food and grease 5X faster*. And because it cleans so well, you can replace multiple cleaning products around your home for counters, stoves, grills, and stains on laundry. Powerwash delivers the power of an overnight soak in minutes. For everyday messes, just spray the suds on and wipe, no water needed until rinsing. For tougher messes, let the suds sit a few minutes before wiping. Save money and reduce waste by reusing your sprayer. Convenient refills available in a variety of scents. *vs. Dawn Non-Concentrated