Chobani Low-Fat Greek Yogurt Drink Pina Colada

Chobani® Low-Fat Greek Yogurt Drink Pina Colada. New look. Same yogurt. 1.5% Milkfat. Pineapple coconut flavored drink. Net 12 fl oz (296 ml). Piña Colada's flavor is a ship that brings you to a pineapple coconut place where there's sun and a hammock, perhaps and a breeze as warm as the water. Only natural ingredients. No fake fruit. No artificial flavors. No artificial sweeteners. No preservatives. No GMO ingredients. No gluten. No rBST*. 1/3 Less sugar**. Protein rich. Grade A. Contains live and active cultures: S. Thermophilus, L. Bulgaricus, L. Acidophilus, Bifidus and L. Casei. *According to the FDA, no significant difference has been found between milk derived from rBST-treated and non-rBST treated cows. **Than other adult yogurt drinks, Chobani®: 22g sugar, other yogurt drinks: average 33g sugar, per 10 oz serving. Question or Comments 1.877.847.6181.