Emmi Cheese, Triple Source, Gruyere

Naturally gluten-free and lactose free. BioAudix Non GMO Certified. Process verified. Selected exclusively from three premier Le Gruyere AOP creameries in Switzerland. Cave aged 8 months minimum. Made with raw milk from non-GMO and grass fed cows (the farm animals were fed with non GMO feed [>99.1%]. All rennet used are produced without GMO Certified by BioAudix LLC [www.bioaudix.com]). More than 200 local cheesemakers craft Le Gruyere AOP throughout the rolling hills of Switzerland. We have hand-selected cheese from three premier Le Gruyere AOP creameries to bring you the highest quality and most consistent traditional Gruyere available. Le Gruyere AOP Cheese aged over 240 days. www.emmiusa.com. Product of Switzerland.