Phils Eggs, Large

Cage free. DHA Omega-3. Supports brain health. 350 mg omega-3 per egg. 150 mg DHA per egg. Ideal 2:1 ratio 0m6 to 0m3. See nutritional information for cholesterol content. 350mg total long and short chain omega-3 (ALA, EPA, DHA) per serving. 150mg essential long chain DHA & EPA omega-3 per serving. Balanced omega-6 to omega-3 ratio assures omega-3 absorption. Grade A. Non GMO Project verified. Certified humane raised & handled. Simply better fed. Simply better taste. Our Family To Yours: Phil Wubbena was an egg man ahead of his time. In 1959, he had a simple idea - that cage-free, better0fed hens are happier, healthier and produce better tasting eggs. Our Phil's DHA Omega-3 eggs are an extension of his original philosophy and enjoy a full-bodied diet of locally grown grains, roasted and blended with nutrient-rich alfalfa, kelp and wheat. On our family-run farms we continue to ensure the highest quality and our eggs speak for themselves. Contain DHA, EPA, lutein vital for vision, prenatal, cardiovascular & brain health. Certified Humane happy hens fed Non-GMO grains, flax & nutrient-rich alfalfa. Questions or comments? Visit to learn more! For more recipes and inspirations, visit us on Facebook. Facebook/PhilsFreshEggs. 100% reclaimed paper carton, please recycle.